A Modern Man's Guide to Looking Smart and Casual

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Dressing well isn’t just about looking stylish, it’s also about feeling good. If you like dressing casual, you perhaps have the greatest chance to express a true sense of personal style. In fact, a man’s casual wear is like an open invitation to dress in what feels most comfortable. It lets you explore your individuality and style. However, what might feel simple to grasp on paper, can be a bit of a midfield in real. While there are no restrictions, there are ever-changing expectations for casual attire. This is perhaps why the biggest brands in the worlds are now creating casual apparel that makes you look polished.

If you are struggling to keep the right balance between smart and casual, here is a guide that will help you achieve both. So, let’s get straight to business:

Choose the Right Fit

We can’t emphasize this enough: THE RIGHT FIT CHANGES EVERYTHING! For a causal fit, you will have to depend on your body type and select garments that fit you well, rather than opting for a narrow or loose fit. Your men T-shirt should fit well on your body without being too tight and your pants should be trimmed and just above the shoes.

Focus On the Details

The devil is in the details! If you are going to pin roll your jeans then make sure that your socks match the rest of your outfit. When exploring the variety of ways you can style your t-shirt, for instance tucking in, half way tuck or letting it hang loose, pay close attention to how these minor adjustments are making a great difference to the overall look.

Wear the Right Shoes

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes for your casual attire. From leather loafers to white sneakers to Chelsea boots, the choices are endless. Just remember that the shoes you opt for should be both practical and polished.


A watch, pair of sunglasses, a leather belt or a slim chain necklace can instantly add so much personality to your, otherwise simple outfit. Just make sure you don’t go over the board and keep it causal.

Don’t Stick to Trends

You don’t always have to stick to latest trends if they don’t resonate with you. Colorful, rich clothes with bold patterns are not only difficult to style but also end up looking unpolished. Instead, pick clothes that are timeless, classy and easy to style.

Final Thoughts;

Most importantly, stop assuming that the only way to dress casual is by wearing your tracksuit the entire time. Believe us, casual clothing can look amazing if you put in a little effort.

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